VPL Research Poster

This design redefined the typical publications that would be used to support the library’s growing number of training and information programs and became the template for event information posters from 2001 – 2008.


I departed dramatically from the existing design. I regrouped the information and discarded the clip art. I also removed the Library Square logo, choosing instead to display only the VPL logo. I employed an appropriate selection of icons I designed earlier in a series of large circles across the poster below the headline. The page is bisected vertically, displaying date time and location information on the left under a clock icon and general information about the course itself on the right under the international information symbol. This was displayed in black in order to come to the foreground. I ensured alignment was maintained across the columns as well, clearly delineating the information.

Subsequent posters cycle through library colours (yellow, blue, red), introducing colour variation to indicate new schedules of these popular courses.


Handbills split the course content and date information to the front and back of the sheet and utilized the structure of the poster creating attractive consistency across the pieces.