This Website

I hope you've found this website a little unusual.

No huge images with centred text. Not too many beauty-shots.

On the other hand, I think I've done a really great job at telling some stories that really contextualize my work.

There is a nice variety of things too:

I made this site using Kirby CMS. Just text files in a file system and a really clever toolkit.

I made lots of graphics with SVG. And PNGs when I needed to. I doubled the target size of the PNGs in the usual retina-ready way, but instead of monkeying around with multiple files for each graphic, and inserting images using javascript and whatnot, I just optimized the hell out of 'em. Optimized the SVGs too. Even graphic heavy pages load in a second or less. I like it when pages load fast.

All text is set in Locator and Locator Display by Process Type Foundry and provisioned via TypeKit. I've been using this for my own work now since 2005. Branding with type. Beautiful, effective, and economic.