Raise-A-Reader Installation

Painting K. Shoemaker Consulting Chris Au, CGD

Unique recognition piece for 10 years of active community awareness and generous donations by the CanWest Global Foundation + Vancouver Sun Raise-a-Reader Campaign (Pacific Newspaper Group).


This large brightly lit section of an original painting donated to VPL by artist Katherine Shoemaker, recognizes a decade of contributions made by the Raise-a-Reader Foundation. Each year library volunteers and volunteers from the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Canucks hockey club sell newspapers to support literacy programs at the library. It depicts a dreamscape Vancouver, where children and their parents read for enjoyement and pleasure, taking flights of imagination and fancy.

We explored numerous ideas, including etching coloured glass with donor names at the entry of the Children's Library and alternatively on the glass skirt that hangs from the exposed floor above.


One concept called for a series of light boxes in custom shapes and large size, and were convex curves to shed objects dropped from the floor above. Another was to place a mosaic of light boxes on the outer wall of the cylindrical Scotiabank Childrens' Gallery which also serves as a fire exit to floor above. These were to prove too costly, but they sure would have been impressive.


The painting, expertly scanned at very high resolution, was printed onto Duratrans and placed in a custom lightbox. The lightbox is mounted over the Children's Library at the Central Library. It can be seen from the library windows that face the south Robson Street plaza at Library Square and stays lit day and night.