Evergreen 2013 Conference

Socio-spatial network diagrams Kevin Beiler

Evergreen is an Open Source Integrated Library System in use in libraries worldwide. In 2013 their annual conference was organized in Vancouver, and entered on the them of the Open Library Ecosystem. The organizing committee asked me to design their visual communications.

My initial concepts explored the ideas of ecosystems as connections.


But it wasn't until one of the organizers (an academic librarian), sent me two examples of socio-spatial network diagrams from paper by Kevin Beiler et al (now available at Architecture of the wood-wide web: Rhizopogon spp. genets link multiple Douglas-fir cohorts ), that I found my model.


I applied the the diagram model to the Evergreen logo, tying the Evergreen ILS symbol to science conducted in an ecosystem.


I carried the symbol and theme through to all manner of touchpoints including the conference program. The conference was organized into two streams of events taking place over 4 days. Instead of the usual time grid listing I set the times of the day in a single vertical column and to the left placed the events for the Main stream and to the right, the Technical stream. Connecting the events to their time with pointers created a unique tree-shaped layout on every page. On the cover I used a stock sourced aerial photograph of a forest, and processed it to generate a triangular mesh.


The sum result is what every designer loves to hear