Boldt Communications

The primary brand identifier for Boldt Communications is the logotype that says simply BOLDT. in all caps. It's a clear communicator. The logotype has proven a versatile emblem. It can be used in almost any context with, or without the tagline. It performs well in colour and in black or white, making it useful in all manner of applications.


Boldt had also done very well by growing naturally, and adopting a pragmatic attitude towards operations and judicious use of resources. It was my opinion there was no need to undertake a major rebrand, or even a adopt comprehensive and strict graphical guidelines.

Instead, I recommended a more flexible approach. Continued use of the logotype to provide an anchor as we adjusted and revised treatments and presentation over time.

In order to formulate the direction I used the tagline Helping you tell your story. as a starting point. It wasn't Bold Communications that was the most important thing, but Boldt's clientele and the stories they want to tell. Of course, there are as many stories as there are people, and there are different styles of stories too, from the affable first person, to the more formal third person narrative.

I selected 5 colours and use them to indicate the wide range of stories and that need to be told. The colours can be used with a great frequency, and across different communications. Screen-based communications (emailed documents and PDFs, and Keynote or Powerpoint slideshows), are a natural fit.


For the website, I wrote a little Javascript that animates the background of the page through the 5 colours. The logo and some other graphics are transparent, so BOLDT. takes on the cycling colours. You can see the same sequence in this example SVG (also used on the Projects page ).

Digital short-run printing makes multiple colours and versions for a single printed piece economical. So economical in fact, we provided business cards in all 5 colours for each individual on the team.


In time, we will introduce patterns, textures, or light effects to the existing palette. Using textures and patterns will help express the universe of stories to be told. This will keep the look vibrant thorugh change, although the change is simply an extension of the existing toolset.