I have been working as a designer since the turn of the century. In 2005, I received my professional certification from the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

2012–2015 Principal, Jon Whipple, Design Counsel

2008–2012 Creative Director, E-Cubed Media Synthesis

1998–2008 Graphics Technician, Vancouver Public Library

During my career, I've worked on many different kinds of projects, but there are some that are invisible. For example, I designed and implemented a WPMU system for member libraries of BC Libraries Cooperative. Sites are quickly deployed and the default theme is easily modified for individual libraries by non-designers on the Coop's IT staff. I designed a new workflow for communications production at Vancouver Public Library. I worked with the Systems department to automate importing XML data from the library's event calendar into InDesign templates for final design by the Graphics Technicians in the Marketing and Communications department.

In the distant past, I did a lot of other things too, and learned how design applies to everything. I worked in architectural firms as a presentation artist, and a draftsman where I learned that graphics have the power to make people spend millions of dollars and to guide every step of the construction of skyscrapers. I roofed houses in Arizona in the summer. This is where I learned that without care and thoughtfulness the design of buildings and cities diminishes our lives. I ran a building maintenance company and cleaned toilets all night long. I learned that no matter how unglamorous the work, it can be designed. It can be carefully thought out, systematized and executed to such a high degree of quality that the people who benefit from the work don't even notice.

I love design. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and spend most of my waking hours thinking about design and designing things.