Thanks for stopping by. This past year has been a real roller-coaster, and I've been enjoying my decision to go "full indy". Right now I'm currently engaged in some projects which I should be able to share with you in a few months. Things that are on my mind that I am planning on addressing soon: the broader implications of screens in our lives, process and service design, and how design decisions and responsibilities in business can be improved.

Design Counsel

I provide strategic insight and advice about improving your business using design. I can show you how different kinds of design improve different aspects of your business and how you can design change and innovation into your company's culture.


Oh how times change. Work is proceeding on many cool projects, but I'm not currently at liberty to share them. This past year I helped Boldt Communications launch a new website, and the Cancer Research Institute relaunch their peer-reviewed open journal Cancer Immunity. I also wrote an essay about What Designers Know, that proposes a new approach to design research and design process.

Jettison Canopy

I've just made an archive of this, while I prepare for a new site. If you'd like something that was here, let me know.

Reach me

+1 604 618 6366

Jon Whipple, CGD


I share the healing power of graphic design. Graphic design is a process not an outcome, and in doing this work there's incredible opportunity to help organizations of all kinds see themselves in new light and re-imagine themselves in new ways. Engaging in a graphic design project opens the door to related questions, thinking, and analysis, which in turn can change processes, products and communications. I'm excited about the future, and how design can help you.

A lifetime ago I worked in architectural firms as a presentation artist, and a draftsman. I roofed houses in Arizona in the summer. I ran a building maintenance company and cleaned toilets all night long. But that was then. Now, I'm a Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. I love design. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and spend most of my waking hours thinking about design, designing things. I drink coffee, but I'm often tempted by what the other guy is having.